Journée du manuscrit francophone: 278 livres publiés gratuitement

Paris - "Un tremplin pour les auteurs amateurs": 278 livres de 25 pays ont été publiés gratuitement dans le cadre de la septième Journée du manuscrit francophone (JDMF), parrainée par le président congolais Félix Tshisekedi, ont indiqué mercredi les Editions du Net, organisatrices.

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Still think you need a camera ?

With all the cutting edge equipment designed to fit in our pockets and available out there, is a camera relevant anymore? This has been the question on everyone’s mind for quite some time. Even the техно team will admit that we more spontaneously reach for our phone these days than for our camera. And this is coming from a team of guys with a passion for gear and some of the best cameras on the market…

Why I changed my e-reader tablet

It's no secret that there's a pretty big consensus out there when it comes to e-readers. Just sit in the subway and you'll get a quick overview of the leading brands on the market, at a glance. At техно, we are no strangers to trends, regardless of how much new stuff we now receive on a weekly basis. So when we first started reading on screens, like almost everyone else, we went for one of the big players.

New lenses - our crash test

Don't worry, no lenses were hurt in the process! However, you know us, when we receive new gear, we like to put it to the test and we do not take it lightly. Which is why, when we received two new lenses this week, we decided to go for it. For the competition to be a fair fight, we tested them under the exact same conditions, that is, a rainy New York day. There's no fun in conducting a test without a little bit of challenge, right? Now, read on to discover who, from the two, came out with the laurels of victory!

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In the USA, drone users will soon be required to register their aircraft

To address safety concerns, with a growing number of unauthorized flights, and a surge in incidents, the United States administration is considering making registration mandatory for drone owners. A committee has been investigating other solutions as well, such as the possibility to track and detect unusual aircraft behavior, with advanced technology.

The future of audio engineering

With impressive technology improvements in the last decade, what is the future of audio engineering? Commercial recorded sound dates something as far back as 1890. Since then, audio engineering has evolved tremendously, with every new technology improvement.

Technology Within a Child's Reach

The remains of the first toys date date back over 2,000 years and include many indications of hide and seek and ring around the rosie. But it was not until the 17th century that the first studies were done proving the importance of play in the learning and developmental process of a child. J. Goldsteins declared that "the game is the prism through which children experience their world and the world of others".

Wearable Devices—Success or Flop?

Up until now, the two most well-known wearable devices have been the Google Glass and the FitBit, and I think it’s safe to say that one has been more successful than the other. While the FitBit can be seen sporadically amongst groups of everyday people, I cannot think of one single person I know who has been audacious enough to sport the Google Glass. Why has everyone shied away from such an impressively capable product created by a company that we all know and trust? I think Google really missed the mark in terms of relatability—it seems to have taken the futuristic concept and run with it, forgetting that its customers are humans, not wealthy robots. The term “Glasshole ” became popular for a reason—it’s not easy to wear this device without emitting a pretentious, Inspector Gadget aura that makes one unapproachable at best.


Virtual Reality's Many Applications

Virtual Reality rhymes with enormous possibility. Something Facebook sensed when it acquired Oculus Rift for $2 billion a little over a year ago. But what now? What can we expect out of Virtual Reality aside from the gaming community’s expectations?

Useful tips to begin developing on iOS

The penetration of smartphones and number of apps in the market is growing more and more and at an equal pace the number of people who want to develop and build apps by themselves runs up.


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L’université Al Quaraouiyine… un témoin de l’histoire

L’université Al Quaraouiyine n’est pas seulement une institution scientifique, elle est également devenue l’un des monuments historiques de la capitale spirituelle, Fès ainsi que du reste du Royaume en général. En dépit de l’imprécision régnante au sujet de sa date de fondation, de nombreux...

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Nous savons tous comment utiliser Facebook pour notre loisir. Mais en tant qu’écrivains, avec notre livre à promouvoir, le réseau social peut-il vraiment nous aider ? Voici 20 vraies idées pour faire connaître vos livres sur Facebook. Une fois n’est pas coutume, j’ai décidé d’ouvrir mes pages à un...

La « bibliothèque du futur » d’Oslo prépare la rentrée littéraire 2114

Six auteurs, dont la Canadienne Margaret Atwood, ont accepté d’écrire un livre pour une anthologie qui ne sera pas publiée avant 2114. Au total, cent manuscrits inédits vont ainsi être rassemblés au fil du siècle. Source :